Friendships stronger than most blood ties

December 7, 2009 § Leave a comment

I was on today and happened to come across an interview of Oprah and her best friend Gayle.  In the interview the two of them talked about how they have been accused of being lesbians from time to time and how far from the truth such an accusation is.  I was thinking about it, about the accusation, and I came up with a reason why a lot of people might have a hard time with that kind of close relationship between two women.  It seems that close relationships between two women are accepted as long as they have set roles, like a mother and a daughter for example. A mother’s role might involve protecting and providing for her daughter while a daughter’s role might be to respect her mother, try to learn as much as possible from her and lend her a hand from time to time. No one would dare say that a mother and daughter are lovers just because they spend a lot of time together, love each other unconditionally, and really do wish the best for one another.

On the contrary, they would say that the mother is a great mother because she genuinely cares for her daughter.  They might also say that the daughter is a “good girl” because she too cares about her mother and even finds the time to spend quality time with her.  After all, doesn’t a daughter have better things to do, like go out with her girlfriends or try to strike up a great relationship with a potential  life mate? (Or so the masses say…)  Yet, two women that are not related and that feel just the same get labeled as possible lesbians…

Perhaps Oprah and Gayle are like that mother and daughter.  Perhaps they feel the same way as they do except they have the added ability (and benefit) of being able to switch roles whenever they need to.  If Oprah has a bad day I’m sure that Gayle is there to add some laughter.  If Gayle feels down on herself I’m sure that Oprah is the first to lift her up to where she deserves to be.  Everyone should be so lucky to have such a relationship- to have that one true friend that can be both your mother and your daughter all in one.

Danielle P. Browne

To read the interview:


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