Bath time

December 7, 2009 § Leave a comment

My parents came over for dinner this past Saturday.  We had a really nice time and they were even early (for once!) because they  wanted to make sure that they had time with Théo before we put him to bed.  Did I mention that he’s sleeping in his crib now? Did I also mention that we put him to bed at 19:00 each evening and that he DOESN’T cry? He’s a keeper!

Anyhow, we all piled into our tiny bathroom (that’s right Moi, Théo, Pierre, Mom and Papi) to watch me bathe my little baby boy. He LOVES bath time and my only concern at the moment is that his little red tub is getting smaller by the second…we don’t have space for a bathtub in our bathroom so I’ve got to come up with another solution fast.

After bath time I feed my baby again and then read him a story.  This time my mom was in the room with us and watched the whole routine.  She was amazed that Théo was able to stay focused throughout story time. I’m used to it by now since I’ve been doing it since we came home from the hospital but I guess it is a bit strange to see an infant so engaged in the written word.

A word about food – Théo is starting to eat MY food now! My mistake was to make the first batch of  purees too lumpy and thick…he would stick his tongue out and make gagging sounds to let me know that he hated it…sorry Théo! Oh, I also think that he might not have liked the herbs that I added to his food…I guess that I need to hold off on that until later.

Have a nice night everyone – much love to my family!


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