Moving into the month of December

November 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

I had a visit from an old friend on November 20th! Someone that I was very close to and it made me so happy to see him again.  I got to introduce him and his little girl to Pierre and Théo too since he came over for dinner.  Seeing someone who you were close with during your “rocky” teenage years can be such a joy.  It’s fun to remember how much fun friends can have together when they are able to hold on to some silliness and childlike ease of life. I’m happy that I got to relive that in seeing him again.

Life in Malmö goes on…my little baby boy is growing by the second and eating by the pound.  Just this past weekend Pierre and I went out to IKEA to get him a high chair to make feeding sessions easier, well, sort of anyway.  He leans a bit forward and to his left when he sits in it but he sits in it all the same.  It was funny because he actually screamed when we first put him in it – even small changes can seem scary I guess.

The weather here has been cold, damp and dark. Very typical for this time of year.  One great thing about the darkness though is that you can start putting up your Christmas lights and candles as decoration.  I don’t mean the lights on your Christmas tree but rather the lit up stars that can be hung in your windows.  Pierre put ours up yesterday and the house seems 100 times more homey than it usually is.





my new high chair



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