He eats food!

November 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

My mother came over for dinner tonight! Well, it was supposed to be for a late lunch but it turned into dinner since she didn’t get here until about 16:30. She brought some fresh salmon, which is always great!!!

It was so nice having her here and I especially love that she got to spend some quality time with Théo. I actually can’t wait until Christmas rolls around because then Théo will have his Tia Denise (my sister) and Tia Catie (my cousin) around too. That kid is so darn lucky to be loved as much as he is – if only all children were as blessed, this world would truly be a better place.

Oh, before I forget – Théo ate a rather big helping of mashed potatoes and carrots tonight! I was so pleased!! My mom actually fed him and she was surprised to see how much he enjoyed his meal. He even finished it off with a cup (yes, he uses a cup, too cute) filled with a wee bit of water. I’m so proud of him.

One more thing! I found some nice little treats in the American food section of a large grocery store in town…

Can’t wait to have pumpkin pie and corn muffins!! Yummy!


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