November 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

My little family and I went to, what I find to be, the best museum around – hands down. Louisiana is located 35km north of Copenhagen and so getting there took us no more than an hour by car. Once there we made our way to the café for some much-needed fuel (I know, kind of crazy to start by eating huh?) and then we headed to the Faith, Hope & Love exhibition by Danish photographer Jacob Holdt. Amazing.  The guy is totally amazing and has led an incredible life.

He left Denmark for America in the 1970s and began making himself available to whatever life had to offer him by making a point of not saying no to people. He ended up making friends or strong bonds with the most unlikeliest of people, including people drowning in the chains of poverty to the strong hold of racist hate. He saw it all and he recorded it all with his camera.

I don’t have time to do the man justice tonight by writing all about his work and the effect that his exhibition had on me, for that would take hours, but I can say that I highly recommend exposing yourself to his body of work either by getting your hands on a copy of his book (most probably only available through a public library), watching his films or checking out his website http://www.american-pictures.com/

Thanks Louisiana for another great experience / Danielle

Crossing the bridge to Denmark from Sweden

Getting to the "good part"

My French driver...

Can't wait to go in


Big smile everyone!!


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