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Théo and I went to visit his local nurse for his second dose of vaccination shots.  The little guy got two shots, one on each thigh! He complained when he got the first shot and cried a bit when receiving the second one since it is said to burn a bit.  Sweden is not as aggressive in terms of vaccinations, at least not in comparison with the United States, and that has brought me a lot of comfort.  In general, Swedes tend to think twice and then four times over before putting any foreign substance into their bodies.



At the end of a long day...



For example, while the average American (myself included in the past) reaches for an over the counter remedy to “cure” something like the common cold, Swedes just wait it out over cups of tea and lots of tissues.  Don’t for a second get grossed out by this though because you’re picturing a person that’s sneezing all over everyone and walking around with a runny nose.  They’re much more civilized than that and will stay home before ever putting you in their cold’s path!

Anyhow, the last time Théo was vaccinated (at two months) he really didn’t experience any side effects but this time around was different.  He  actually vomited, had a warmer than usual body temperature and didn’t have too much of an appetite. My guess is that he’ll be back to his usual self tomorrow though and I’m looking forward to that. I’m sure he is too!

For those of you that are interested I’m including the Swedish vaccination schedule for children between the ages of 3 months and 6 years. The text is in Swedish because I don’t have the time to translate it but I think that you’ll be able to figure out some of them.  I’ll come back later to give you the full translation. Have a great night/morning!

3 months – difteri, stelkramp, kikhosta, polio, Hib and pneumokocker Dose 1

5 months – difteri, stelkramp, kikhosta, polio, Hib and pneumokocker Dose 2

12 months – difteri, stelkramp, kikhosta, polio, Hib and pneumokocker Dose 3

18 months – mässling, påssjuka and röda hund Dose 1

5 to 6 years – difteri, stelkramp, kikhosta and polio Dose 4


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