Pierre & M.J.

November 7, 2009 § Leave a comment

Pierre came home today!!! I’m so happy! Théo even wore a special shirt (purchased by his grandmother) that said ” I (heart) Dad” to mark the special occasion. Pierre loved it and he was especially happy to see that little Théo hadn’t forgotten who he was since he was all smiles when he saw him.

It’s so nice having him home! Of course he’s sleeping right now though, even though it’s only 22:23, because of his needing time to adjust to the time difference and all. He was actually away in China and Singapore.  The trip to Shanghai was supposed to have taken place right after Théo’s birth, but since my little boy took sooooo long :) well, Pierre ended up having to make up for that trip while taking care of his trip to Singapore as well.

One fun thing about his trips is that he always comes home with cool things for us.  Some of the things were ordered, like my new bluetooth mouse that is really driving me out  of my mind at the moment! I haven’t used a mouse in over five years and it feels so foreign…other things are not ordered and yet are still fabulous like The Ultimate Collection (DVD) of Michael Jackson. It’s amazing and totally entertaining, so much so that we both thought that we should have a Michael Jackson themed party! Hey, I might pass on that idea to a friend of mine that’s planning a themed party soon – that would be fun!IMG_1387

I just took a small break to feed Théo. He was crying and wasn’t satisfied with the pacifier. I couldn’t help but admire his chubby little legs as I sat on the bed and fed him. He’s such a precious little thing and I am still amazed that I am his mother.  In fact, I cannot believe that I am an adult. Let me explain. I always thought that people over the age of 30 were so “grown up,” that they were just straight forward, that there was no more real “magic” or “poetry” to them, that they had outlived their childish feelings to play and explore. I was so wrong and because I was so wrong, my whole idea of adulthood must be rethought. In all actuality though, this new discovery is golden in that I can continue to dream, hope, be creative and silly and be an “adult” mom at the same time. It works for me!


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