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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh what a night!! My baby has been, as far as I’m concerned, saying “mama” for the past few weeks…Unfortunately, Pierre has not been so convinced, even after hearing him. But tonight!! TONIGHT!!!! Tonight was a different story! The boy said “mama,” or rather – “MAMA!!!!!” so loud and clear that not only did Pierre and I shoot looks at each other across the dinner table, but my heart (my actual heart!!!) skipped a beat.

My baby boy said “mama” and I could just die happy.

Seriously, I am so proud – I didn’t even care that he said it because he was cranky and just trying to get someone to pick him up in the middle of dinnertime, that didn’t matter to me.  What mattered was that the boy said “mama” and nobody, especially not Pierre, could have heard anything other than that age old name for “mom”.


Perhaps this sounds a bit over the top? All of my enthusiasm? But it really helps the fact sink in, that I’m someone’s mom. I’m an actual mom and someone finds comfort in that. It’s incredible, so simple yet so incredible.

I’ve included two pictures from when Kyu Lee visited us before she left for Korea.  I’m going to miss her since she was not only a great student but also a great kid. Very kind and funny and her interest in Théo was too sweet for words.


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