How much is much?

November 7, 2009 § Leave a comment

I took Théo for our usual walk this morning and couldn’t help but feel overjoyed with our surroundings. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining high, the clouds were moving at a much slower pace and I had such an incredible view as I made my way along the walking path that moves parallel to the water. I love living here when the weather is like this because I feel my spirit is lifted without my even having to do a thing about it. Incredible what a little change in weather can do to me.
As we walked further I saw, for the first time, a whole herd of bulls. Big hairy bulls. They were lovely, all different shades of brown and so proud standing there in the sun. They were in the same area with the usual suspects, all of the local sheep, and they wouldn’t (the nerve!) allow their smaller companions to drink from the water buckets. Even in the animal world one can find bullies!

About my beautiful baby boy – he woke up this morning pursing his lips together and making the “m” sound over and over again. Does it ever end, the amount of amazement that I get from observing this child? The way he reaches for my face, smiles at me and reacts to all of my silliness is beyond me, is beyond this world, beyond this realm if you will. I love this child so much that I cannot even describe how much “much” is. How much is much when “much” is so much?

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