Still Nauseous

November 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

Monday, October 20, 2008

It’s Monday, October 20th and I’m still nauseous. Which is really great because most of my girlfriends have all had fantastic pregnancies without any bouts of nausea at all! Super, I say!!!

I sound bitter, this I know. I’m actually very happy about my pregnancy and you can be sure that I even feel guilty about being fed up with puking but it can’t be helped. Here I’ve been, trapped inside my apartment for weeks now due to the fact that I might spontaneously puke in public. But, like I said, I AM happy that I’m pregnant. It’s just that I could do without the constant, “I’m on a tiny sailboat in the middle of a huge storm feeling.” THAT, I could do without.

Pierre and I invited some friends over yesterday for some coffee so that we could admire their 8 week old baby. Actually, they had invited us over but I was feeling too much like a sailor to go anywhere. Anyhow, they brought their beautiful baby girl over and I swear that even though she’s not ours, I could have just stared at her for hours on end. I find all babies to be so lovable and seeing her helped me to see that there will be a spectacular ending to my currently uncomfortable situation.

Now I’ve gone and written enough to cause me to return to my usual position in front of what many men call their “throne” – although for me, it’s not so grand as I’m kneeling before it and not actually sitting on it…you get the picture. Until next time!



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