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November 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

Sunday, October 4, 2009

On our way to see Alejandra and her boys!

This weekend was pretty jam packed for Pierre due to it being the time when not only does graduation occur, but the students have farewell parties and there are also official dinners to attend. I didn’t attend anything this year due to the fact that some gatherings were inappropriate for small children and the weather was crappy.

Today was not as bad as the other days though so Théo and I went to visit Alejandra and her boys. We had a nice day with them and then finished the evening off with a nice meal. During the day Théo and I just played (this kid is, and has always been, so alert!) and he was especially happy when I read to him from a new book given to him by one of our friends from Japan. It’s got a collection of more then five songs and he goes crazy when he thinks that I’ve finished playing them for him.

We actually got a second book from Japan that is hilarious because it allows kids to see what they would look like while dressed up in different uniforms – they can see themselves as policemen, firemen, etc. Well feast your eyes on these:

My Pirate!

My Japanese Fireman!

My Policeman!

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