Pregnancy equals two blue lines

November 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pregnancy equals two blue lines

It was only six days ago that I found out that I was pregnant!

I hadn’t thought much about taking a pregnancy test since I was only on week 5 and I have an irregular cycle so…but I was given some medication to take and my doctor told me to make sure that I wasn’t pregnant (since we were trying to conceive) before starting it.

I woke up early with the need to pee and so I went to Pierre’s bathroom to start my home-science project. I went about it rather patiently since I did not believe that I would be pregnant but still I turned the stick around (so as not to see the results) while I washed out the cup that had aided me in administering the home pregnancy test. My thought process was that I wouldn’t want to drop the cup (it’s made out of glass) and break it if I found out that I was in fact pregnant and dropped the cup in a whirl of emotions and confusion. I’m a Capricorn and a crazed planner, so cut me some slack!

Anyhow, turning that little stick around changed me and confused me and I must say that it was a good thing that I cleaned my pee cup since I know now that I certainly would have dropped it – and probably on my foot too. But yes, I saw two little blue lines. I had never seen two blue lines before just one – the one that said that the pregnancy test worked. But now, as I stood there in my underwear that little amazing stick was telling me that I was pregnant and it was voicing this with two blue lines, not one.

What did I do? I reread the instructions of course! Well first I reread the outside of the box (which now, in hindsight I realize was designed for dazed and confused mother’s to be that are still in denial of seeing two blue lines) which is more a series of pictures than words and then I read the instructions and then I repeated this another two times. All the while I was jumping up and down and saying “Oh my God!” over and over again because, let’s face it, what else can you say at that point?

Next I took my mostly naked body and ran it all the way to the bedroom where Pierre was not only sleeping but lightly snoring which meant that he was “deeply sleeping,” that’s my new term “deeply sleeping” and not “sleeping deeply.” Anyhow, he was deeply sleeping but I jumped on the bed anyway and said “Look, look, look, I’m pregnant!” He was very confused but it only took a few seconds for him to realize that I meant pregnant as in, I’ve got the beginnings of a human life in me.

He was so happy! He kept telling me how much he loved me and I kept saying, “I’m pregnant!” to try to make it stick in my brain in between exchanging kisses with him and crying and laughing from sheer joy. If only I could have literally stuck the stick to my head, maybe that would have made me digest the new information sooner.

It’s only been six days since that day, it’s hard to believe.


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