Off to the hospital, again…

November 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pierre and I have now been to the hospital for three days in a row. Today was a bit more exciting since a doctor told me that my cervix was dialated to about 1 cm but that he managed to (manually, yes – manually) open it up to about 2cm. Can I just tell you how much that hurt?!

He was very nice about it and told me that I could ask him to stop at any time but I decided that the pain was worth seeing our baby boy that much earlier. Hopefully we’ll start to see a little bit of progress tonight but I am scheduled for my next visit tomorrow at 8:00. At that visit they’ll check my blood pressure and if it hasn’t gone down they’ll proceed to induce me in one way or another. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that all of this means that I’ll meet my little boy very soon!

As far as the baby is concerned though, he is in great shape :) and they are estimating that his current weight is 4,430 grams!! In other words, that’s a heck of a lot of baby for my body to handle! But funny enough all of the nurses and doctors said that my belly looks very nice and that I’m a good size (“yeah, for a mama elephant!”).

My parents are coming over for dinner tonight. Well, they are bringing dinner and the menu consists of some very spicy food!! Thank you mom and dad for trying to help me out!! I’ll post some pictures later on.

Here are the pictures that I promised! I love the first one so much (since it shows my dad smiling so brightly) that I had to crop his face and add it to the beginning of this post!



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